Class Tuition

Financial assistance made possible through the CSS Scholarship Program!

Pay In-Full Perks!


Pay the year's tuition in full and receive:

Free registration ( $20 value)

Free 2019 Recital DVD ($25 value)

Auto Payments!

Avoid late fees! ($5 per week)

CSS has a solid late fee policy. For each week that your monthly tuition goes unpaid, you aquire a $5 fee. To help you stay on top of payments and fulfil your commitment, CSS has a simple auto-pay option available to everyone!

For no extra charge, simply fill out our auto-pay form and submit to the front desk directly. On the first of each month your credit/debit card on file will be charged your designated tuition. 

Having a card on file can come in handy when reordering shoes, or even making costume payments. For further information regarding recital costumes, please see our "Recital" page.